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Produits du terroir et recettes traditionnelles. French Guiana has many culinary delights. There is nothing new there. There is a practical information sheet about each ingredient in the French Guianese culinary tradition, classified by category, with a description, history, uses, and information about technical All the cliches about French Guiana are there — the large bird-eating spiders in the classrooms, the big new 4x4s, the solitude, and many more besides.

Since the CNRS, the French public research organisation, has worked hard to add to scientific knowledge about French Guiana, in both the natural and human sciences. Its discoveries are presented in this large-format, richly illustrated book that was partly written by the researchers themselves. The general public will finally Voyages avec Tooy. Tooy, a Saramaka captain from Cayenne, evokes all the thoughts, hopes, and imaginings of Surinamese immigrants in French Guiana.

But more deeply than that, this book by the famous American anthropologist Richard Price, a specialist in Maroon cultures, is almost an existential work. The tale of Tooy allows him to By Richard Price. Poissons de mer de Guyane.

There are few books offering such a complete overview of the sea fish of French Guiana. There are information sheets about species enabling the reader to identify the fish in question and know where to find them. An index of scientific and common names means it is easy to This book tells of my love for Africa and what the people there brought me. The wonderful victory of Nelson Mandela came at a very high price.

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I am convinced By Emmanuel Lafont, Jean Cormier. Coquillages et escargots de Guyane Editions Biotope, With the exception of a few taxonomic groups, books for the general public about the fauna and flora of French Guiana are very few despite the riches of the natural heritage. Susan Cohen-Nicole trans. Women in French Studies.

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Nineteenth-Century French Studies. Simon Kemp.. Mater dolorosa: Motherhood reclaimed in three novels by Marcelle Tinayre.

  • Second Wind on the Way of Saint James.
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  • Buoyancy Effects on Natural Ventilation.

Women In French Studies. Women's Writing in Contemporary France. Gill Rye.. International Perspectives Fell and Ingrid Sharp eds. Journal of European Studies. Politics, Culture and Society. Life-Writing in French. Hanna eds. Carnet Austral. John Flower ed. Book Grenaudier-Klijn, F. Saquer-Sabin Eds. Bergeron Ed. Protean Selves. Ciel mon mari!

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Abjection, alterite, violence: Les mechantes filles de Catherine Klein. Trout Eds. Rebelle et criminelles chez les ecrivaines d'expression francaise [Rebels and criminal in the writers in French-speaking writers]. In Chanson et performance. Anderson, C.

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Pezzotti Eds. The foreign in international crime fiction.

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Transcultural representations. Sarnecki Eds. Aimer et Mourir. Thesis Grenaudier Klijn, FM. Marcelle Tinayre ou le roman hybride: Texte, hors-texte et ambiguite generique a travers quatre romans feminins francais des annees Conference Grenaudier-Klijn, F. Presented at Inter-University French Seminar. University of Otago. Women's silences in the novels of Patrick Modiano. Glasgow, United Kingdom. Presented at Inter-University French Seminar Victoria University of Wellington.

Thessaloniki, Greece. Auckland, New Zealand. Presented at War and Memory: Artistic and cultural representations of individual, collective and national memories in twentieth-century Europe at war International Conference. Warsaw, Poland. Massey University, New Zealand.

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Wroclaw, Poland. Marcelle Tinayre: I'oubli, les femmes, I'Histoire. University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada. London, United Kingdom. Macadam, mystery and memory. Patrick Modiano's Paris. University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Which war? All the wars. Presented at After the War: Post-war structures of feeling. University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ. Presented at Kentucky Foreign Language Conference. University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. La Femme et son secret: Marcelle Tinayre, les unes et les autres.

Presented at 2nd International Women in French Conference. Scripps College, Claremont, CA. Narcissism, egocentrism and altruism: French contemporary female writing.

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Presented at Interuniversity French Seminar.