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At the end of six months the Order will do a group discernment, at which there will be an open session where Order members may share both affirmations and concerns regarding the Oblate.

This is followed by a closed session absent the Oblate where the following decisions may be made: yes, the person may be admitted to the Order; no, the person may not be admitted to the Order; due to certain concerns that will be voiced; or the person may be invited to another six-month period of Oblation. At any time during the Oblation period a sponsor may ask permission of the community to step down if he or she thinks there may be a bad match between him- or herself and the Oblate. During the Oblation period, the Oblate must see a spiritual director at least once per month.

Only someone who has completed a spiritual direction certificate program may serve an Oblate in this way. Anyone may apply for Oblation, and if a true vocation is discerned, may covenant with the Order, whether Catholic or Protestant, or someone who follows another spiritual path who nevertheless feels called to a Catholic spiritual practice.

Those who are part of other Catholic jurisdictions are welcome, but will owe their allegiance to their original bishop, unless at some future time they choose to incardinate with a Bishop in the Order, as one can only have one bishop. The Call to Covenant. The OHS covenant is the document that seals our commitment to God, to our brothers and sisters in the order, to service to the world, and to ourselves.

The OHS elects to covenant rather than to take vows, because while vows can be broken, a covenant is a more flexible agreement. A covenant remains in force even when one party stumbles in his or her commitment. While a contract or a vow is broken when a person fails to live up to their promise, as partners in a covenant we carry each other through difficult times, remaining in relationship as covenanted siblings in faith.

The covenant reads:. I covenant with you, my brothers and sisters, to seek after wisdom all my days, for it is in searching after her that we find God; and in searching after God that we find her.

I will esteem her instruction more than silver and her knowledge more than gold Prov. I promise to proclaim her wherever she may find me: in the countryside, the villages, and the busy tumult of the city. To heed God is to be the mouthpiece of Wisdom, to preach righteousness, justice, and love for all creatures. Therefore I vow humility in all my affairs, forsaking arrogance, neglect Prov.

And I vow that I will not labor for myself alone, but for all who truly seek Wisdom. The Call to Discipline. As covenanted members, we commit to a life of spiritual discipline focused on our own spiritual growth, service to our Order, and ministry to the world around us. First, we focus on our personal spiritual lives. On a monthly basis we commit to seeing a spiritual director in order to give due attention to our spiritual formation. On a weekly basis we commit to participate in corporate worship with a faith community. On a daily basis we commit to keeping at least one of the liturgical hours, and to some form of meditation or contemplation.

Second, we focus on the spiritual community as found in the OHS. We agree to serve our brothers and sisters when called upon to serve as an officer of the Order. All terms are for one year, and may be re-elected in perpetuity, with the exception of the Abbot or Abbess, who may only serve two consecutive terms, after which five years must transpire before he or she may serve again. Officers and their duties include:. Serves as spokesperson for the Order and moderates all meetings.

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Office may be held by any order of ministry, lay, deacon, priest, or bishop. The Prior reminds members of upcoming meetings and events, and may be called upon, along with bishops in the order, to exercise a pastoral function within the Order and to mediate disputes.

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Records the minutes of all meetings, and disseminates them to Order members following meetings, as well as having copies available at subsequent meetings. Keeps files of all notes and documents pertinent to the Order, as well as serving as Order historian during his or her tenure. Novice Master. Serves as support person for oblates, keeping track of oblation process, applications, presentation for reception, including all files and paperwork necessary to the process. Novice Master also handles paperwork pertinent to the ordination process.

There are also various committees called upon to serve the order, some permanent and some situational.

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One such permanent committee is the Vocations Committee, members of which also serve a one year term according to the same rules as other officers. Third, Order members commit themselves to a life of service to those in the wider world. Members must engage in service at least monthly in one or more of the following ways: Teaching, preaching, healing, visiting the sick or elderly, corporal works of mercy, activism on behalf of the earth, people or other creatures, random acts of kindness, spiritual guidance, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, or some other form of holy listening, chaplaincy, prison visitation, spiritual scholarship, holding of sacred space for others, conflict mediation, facilitating discernment, sacred clowning, or any other activity to which the Divine may call us in order to advance Holy Wisdom in the world around us.

The Call to Holy Orders. Many of us have discerned a call to an increased level of responsibility and commitment in our ministries, and have sought Holy Orders in order to be faithful to this call. Not all religious are called to Orders, but many are, and the Order of Holy Wisdom has discerned a process by which a candidate may respond to that call. In the OHS the role of deacon is a role of service, meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in many contexts. Many ministries are strictly diaconal ministries, and the permanent diaconate has a long and respected history.

Some, however, are called to be priests, which contains the diaconate priests remain deacons all their lives, but add to it another level of ordination to which is added the responsibility to teach. A person must serve as a transitional deacon for six months before advancing to priesthood.

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In time the community may discern a level of trust in the wisdom of an individual such that they call them to be a bishop. A bishop is always both a deacon and a priest, with the continuing responsibility to serve and teach, but to which a further responsibility is added, that of offering counsel. Bishops have no administrative function in the OHW, nor any power over any other member.

A person must serve as a priest for at least five years before election to the episcopacy.

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Holy Orders in the OHW are not seen as a ladder of hierarchy, but instead as increasing levels of personal commitment. With increased commitment comes increased responsibility. Holy Orders are not to be taken lightly, but are holy commitments made to God and the OHW community that cannot be revoked. An order member who discerns a call to ordination may make application to theVocations Committee, declaring his or her call and expressing a desire to enter the process. The Vocations Committee will interview the candidate and recommend to a meeting of the whole order for or against candidacy.

The Order will then vote on the elevation of the person to candidacy. With humor and candor, each segment of the program was packed with so many gems of wisdom and encouragement that it was impossible to jot them all down. Wolf set the stage for the evening, inviting us all to listen with open hearts and minds, to apply what we heard to our own lives and to face with courage the truths we might uncover.

Have you had a conversation with someone of different beliefs lately?

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If not, why not? Have you witnessed injustice and prejudice and called it out, or stayed silent? With an approachable authority, she reminded us that no one has ever died of discomfort, and that change comes from being willing to make the room uncomfortable, if only temporarily. One of the most thoughtful themes in each of the conversations emerged early on, that of an awareness of privilege and the platform with with to use it. There in that wildly inclusive space, women of means and privilege connected with women of marginalized communities and limited influence, and it was beautiful.

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Even as Esposito had us well, me crying with laughter during her set about growing up ultra-Catholic in the Chicago suburbs and one riotous example of understanding diverse perspectives , it all carried a welcome message of celebrating, not discounting, differences. After a healthy intermission plenty of time to hit up that merch booth , the program picked back up again with Doyle and Bush chatting one-on-one about boundaries and self-care.

She suggested we all think of a five-year-old child: would we treat her that way? Would we let others treat her that way? What if we considered ourselves that child and committed to taking the best damn care of her we could. All delivery times quoted are the average, and cannot be guaranteed. These should be added to the availability message time, to determine when the goods will arrive. During checkout we will give you a cumulative estimated date for delivery. Click and Collect is available for all our shops; collection times will vary depending on availability of items.

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