The Argument of Constants

Template non-type arguments (C++ only)
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Specifically, it begins by presenting some of the preliminary evidence that the fundamental parameters of physics fall in a relatively small range that maximizes our ability to make scientific discoveries. Unlike the much discussed anthropic fine-tuning or fine-tuning for life , this kind of fine-tuning cannot be explained by the multiverse hypothesis since it does not encounter an observer-selection effect.

Further, it avoids some other objections commonly raised against the anthropic fine-tuning argument, such as the so-called normalizability problem. Consequently, this new fine-tuning argument has the potential of providing an outstanding supplement to the standard anthropic fine-tuning argument for theism.

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The last bracket matched by the last successful search pattern, or nil if the last pattern match failed. This is useful if you don't know which of a set of alternative patterns matched. Mnemonic: be positive and forward looking. Contains the subpattern from the corresponding set of parentheses in the last successful pattern matched, not counting patterns matched in nested blocks that have been exited already, or nil if the last pattern match failed. These variables are all read-only.

The information about the last match in the current scope. This variable is locally scoped. The input record separator, newline by default. Works like awk 's RS variable.

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If it is set to nil , whole file will be read at once. The output record separator for the print and IO write. The default is nil.


And we don't know either the laws of the "potential universe factory", i. The universe is not fine-tuned to life; life is fine-tuned to the universe. Theists argue that the fine-tuning of the physical constants of the universe provide evidence that the universe is designed. If it is set to nil , whole file will be read at once. Enables to define the arguments associated with the expression based on the given arguments names. You call the greet person:alreadyGreeted: function by passing it both a String argument value labeled person and a Bool argument value labeled alreadyGreeted in parentheses, separated by commas. We calculate variables from measured parameters.

The output field separator for the print. Also, it is the default separator for Array join. Mnemonic: what is printed when there is a , in your print statement.

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  3. Template non-type arguments (C++ only);
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The virtual concatenation file of the files given by command line arguments, or stdin in case no argument file supplied. The default output for print , printf. The last input line of string by gets or readline. Mnemonic: partly same as Perl.

The Argument from Physical Constants

Contains the name of the file containing the Ruby script being executed. This is more useful as a way of indicating the current program state than it is for hiding the program you're running. Mnemonic: same as sh and ksh.