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Disney Parks Blog Readers Board the Halloween Time Express Meet-Up at Disneyland Park
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He strolls down the isle and tosses a box at each of them. Harvey — Peanuts and a juice box? Josh — Oh great! He throws his box onto the floor with all the other litter. A Halloween taffy wrapper is stuck to her fingers Sabrina — Handing Josh her juice box Here, take mine. She notices the sticky wrapper. Oh urgh! A taffy emergency. Gotta go de-goo. She gets up and heads for the washroom as the steward returns. He tosses each of them a envelope.. He leaves again. Morgan — Trade you. The Steward — OS All aboard! The Other Realm express now leaving the station.

Both Hilda and Zelda leap to there feet and turn on Salem. Zelda — Friends!? Salem — Oops. The Steward — Sorry miss. The Steward — You, dear girl, have to solve the mystery. Sabrina — Me!? Sabrina — Oow. London fog. Morgan stands and smiles at Sabrina. The Countess — Delighted.

The Steward — Her maid, Hortense. He indicates Roxie. Miles stands and removes his pipe. Professor Von Claptrap — Bitte Frauline.

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Harvey strides forward. Biff — Cont. A real pleasure.

At least, I know it is for you. He smiles and his teeth twinkle. The Countess — Murder? Professor Von Claptrap — Murder? Biff — Murder?

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Hortense — Great, something else for me to clean up. Sabrina inspects the body. Sabrina — Oh-no! He really is dead. Sabrina looks at each of them and they all look guilty. I-I-I even stink at Clue. Hilda paces nervously while Zelda remains remarkable calm.

Hilda — What are you talking about? Even I beat her a Clue. Hilda — Good idea. She reaches into her cleavage and comes out with a crystal ball. Hilda — Cont. I use it for traffic reports. Sabrina — Now countess, tell me what you know about the murder. She holds out her hand to show a ring without a stone. The Countess — Cont. The hundred carat Star of Prabanus is missing. The Countess — Filing her nails I had none. She stabs the nail file into the wall of the carriage beside Sabrina.

Sabrina — Nope, None whatsoever. Sabrina — So you actually work for the countess? Sabrina — Do I? Sabrina — So, you killed Kip Kodak to frame the countess. Sabrina — And what kind of guy is zat? I mean, that? As he talks he becomes angrier and eventually breaks his pipe. Sabrina — Yeah, very. So, erm, tell me what you know about the murder? He stands and pulls Sabrina into an embrace. And that scoundrel stole her from me! Sabrina — That made you angry? Sabrina — Let me guess, you have no motive whatsoever. Later, in the Parlour Car.

The Steward — To Sabrina Well, what have you come up with so far? The Steward — Might I suggest you find out. Sabrina — Noooo! Zelda and Hilda gaze into the crystal ball and see. Salem — All aboard! Sabrina — This is insane! Sabrina — Right in front of me where? Sabrina — Oh look! He still has the juice box I gave him. All four suspects come over to do just that… look. In his other hand she finds. They all look at the countess.

The Countess — Splendid! He found it. She gets down on her knees and tries prises the gem from his stiff fingers. It wont come free. No matter, I still have the Sacorcas sapphire. All eyes turn to Biff. Professor Von Claptrap — I knew it had to be you! He points at the countess. They are suddenly buffeted by the wind of a train passing at very high speed.

Hilda — Here it is now! What should we do? Zelda — Jump! Zelda — That was close! Hilda — Yeah? Well my caboose is on fire! Sabrina — People! Please work with me here. They fall silent and turn to her. They all look at each other but there is a distinct lack of hand raising going on.

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Anybody at all?.. Hortense — Whose towel was rapped around the victims neck! Biff — I had absolutely no motive whatsoever! The Countess — Nor did I. The Steward — A murder! Hortense — Great! Something else for me to clean up. Salem — Back off grampa! He really is my grandpa.

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The old hobo tips his hat. Thanks for the birthday card. Hobo — No problem. Hobo — Cont. Salem — Aside to Zelda Grandma tells people he was lost at sea. Hilda — Tunnel!! They both drop to their bellies as the whistle blows and everything goes black. Sabrina does a recap… again. The steward comes over all smiles and charm.

The Steward — Will there be two more for dinner? Zelda — Charmed Oh no. The Steward — Oh, too bad.

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They both turn and watch him leave. Hilda — Aside to Zelda Yowzer! Hilda — Hey, that was my plan! Sabrina — And this plan helps me how..?

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This interesting, short story invites you to climb aboard the Halloween Express with Scary Mary, Dead Joan, Bernice the Ghost, a very dead Dracula, a Headless . Last Stop on the Halloween Express eBook: Michael W Pearsall, Joyce F Sloan: Kindle Store.

Sabrina — Hey, I found the diamond and the tennis towel! Salem — In your defence, it was lodged fairly deep into his nasal passage. Sabrina — Disgusted Urgh! Salem — I believe we only have one thing left to do. Dust the body. Sabrina — For fingerprints? Hilda — When is it my turn to interrogate him?

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Zelda comes up for air with her lipstick all smudged. She takes a deep breath and dives in again. Hilda — Oh right. Which one am I again? Parlour car. Salem has all the suspects gathered round. Salem — This one was a bit dodgy, all right, but I think we came up cricket. Sabrina — Do you even know what that means?

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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch — Rate This. Season 6 Episode 4. All Episodes But she doesn't realize it's a magical train Director: Kenneth R. What Is Cobie Smulders Watching? Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Sabrina Spellman Caroline Rhea Hilda Spellman Beth Broderick Zelda Spellman Nick Bakay Salem Saberhagen voice David Lascher Josh Trevor Lissauer Did you ride the Halloween Time Express last night?

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Let us know in the comments! Destinations: Disneyland Resort. It was awesome to get to meet all the characters. Maleficent loved my shirt I had the shirt with Maleficent and the Evil Queen taking a selfie , and that was all I wanted! Thanks again everyone that made this magical! I love all the pictures and descriptions of each stop!

I can just imagine what other holidays and times of year would be like— Christmas, Easter, the summertime…. What an unexpected treat to see the spooky side of all those talented performers from some of our favorite Disneyland shows at every stop—more delight than fright! And the special treat trail and the beautiful gift—thank you all so much for everything! We had an awesome time! His head is incorrectly shaped. An Imagineer or costumer needs to watch the film and then redo his head! This event looks amazing! Would love to see them do more than one night and for sure hope they will do it again next year!

Disney Parks Blog has the best meet ups! I hope to be able to attend one someday! Kristen or anyone else who attended, what gift did you receive at the end? We were in the first train car, also. Thanks Erin and all the wonderful cast members for such a fun and spooky night. I had a great seat on the train behind Constance, the Ghost Bride. Looking forward to the next adventure. While a challenge I think this was fun and a quick way to celebrate HalloweenTime! The final gift was a great touch.