Voices in the Sky

Raise our voices to the sky!
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After You Came One More Time to Live New Horizons For My Lady You And Me Isn't Life Strange Original Version Island Provided This Morning Remember Me My Friend My Brother I Dreamed Last Night Blue Guitar From Mighty Oaks Provided The Tunnel Provided Message Provided The Promise Provided Driftwood Full Version One Step Into The Light The Day We Meet Again Forever Autumn The Voice Full Version Gemini Dream Full Version Reflective Smile Veteran Cosmic Rocker Blue World Running Water Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, portrait, For a guy who wrote songs with titles like "Love Me Like a Reptile," Lemmy was one of the few rockers who seemed to not only acknowledge that women could play hard, but that they could do it with just as much down-and-dirty verve as the men.

Voices of the Sky - Samuel R. Hazo

Or, as Lemmy put it in his autobiography, White Line Fever , "I really enjoy making records with birds. Williams, she of the blond Mohawk and black-duct-taped boobs.

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From its galloping, fuzzy bass intro to its catchy "you know me" chorus, "Iron Fist" is pure adrenaline. When he sang words like "You know me, the snakebite's kiss," he meant it, whatever the hell they meant. At one point, he threatens to put his "snake on you," before pledging that he "ain't no pretty boy.


And it stands as a prime example of what Lemmy did so well: keep the "hard" in "hard rock. Furthermore, they chose to bring in Bill Laswell, known more for his work in funk, jazz, ambient and myriad other non-metal musical styles, to produce it. The result was, for the most part, a muddy, murky mess.

But in the case of "Orgasmatron," that muddiness and murkiness only served to fortify the song's impenetrable, steamroller-esque bass-and-drum attack. As for the title? I made up the word on my own.

Which is especially meta considering that Lemmy namechecks every member in the lyrics, from Dee Dee to C. Best of all, "R.

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I am the trumpet soloist for the Calallen Middle School Honors Band, and I must say, this piece is absolutely glorious! Mar 27, Nathaniel rated it really liked it Shelves: astronautics , science. Voices In The Sky Decca. If you can't get enough of your airline attendant's safety announcements at the beginning of your flight, make sure you check out this historical recording. Watching And Waiting Australia and New Zealand.

Lemmy got political with this standout from the stellar He lambasted the rich and greedy, skewered cowardly politicians and, most cuttingly, eviscerated T. In the end, there were "no voices in the sky" coming to save you, as he snarled in the chorus, only the sad reality that we can't take anything with us when we die.

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No one hears the scream No voices in the sky, confusion blinds the eye Can't take it with you when you die No voices in the sky. The ones who dedicate the flags to make you brave They also consecrate the headstone on your grave Ritual remembrance when no one knows your name Don't help a single widow learn to fight the pain Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, you all know what I mean What's the use of a cry for help, if no one hears you scream?

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No one hears you scream No voices in the sky, confusion blinds the eye Can't take it with you when you die No voices in the sky. Politicians kissing babies for good luck TV.