Dragonflies and damselflies: Order Odonata
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These dragonflies, as well as all of the smaller and less intimidating damselflies, insert their eggs into plant material and are thus equipped to incise plant tissue. Now, on very rare occasions, a dragonfly has mistaken someone's leg for a plant and attempted to slice it open and deposit an egg.


A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, infraorder Anisoptera Adult dragonflies are characterized by large, multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong. The distribution of the Dragonfly- and Damselfly-species in Cambodia is poorly known. While the “Atlas of the Dragonflies of Thailand” () shows over

Yes, that hurts. But that doesn't mean the dragonfly can sting. There are no venom sacs to administer toxins into your body, and the insect's intent is not to harm you. Only insects in the order Hymenoptera ants , bees, and wasps can sting. Although it is kind of fun to tell little kids they can.

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People perpetuating this myth refer to dragonflies as "Devil's darning needles," and usually offer it as a caveat to children who are misbehaving. If there was any logical origin of this not-so-urban legend, it probably lies in the same morphological features that make people think dragonflies can sting. Just because an insect has a long, pointy abdomen does not mean it can employ a running stitch to sew up your mouth. The horses might feel as if they are being harassed when dragonflies persistently fly around them, but the dragonflies have no particular interest in the horses. Dragonflies are predaceous, feeding on other, smaller insects, including the flies that tend to hang around horses and cattle.

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In all likelihood, a dragonfly that seems to be fixated on a horse is simply improving its odds of catching a meal. People sometimes call dragonflies "horse stingers," but as we've already established, dragonflies don't sting at all. For centuries, people have eyed dragonflies with suspicion and imbued them with evil intent.

The Secret World of Dragonflies

Swedish folk legends accused dragonflies of poking out people's eyes and referred to them as "blind stingers" for this reason. From Germany to England, people associate dragonflies with the devil, giving them nicknames like "water witch," "hobgoblin fly," "devil's horse," and even "snake killer. But truth be told, dragonflies are far from evil.

The Amazing, Deadly Dragonfly and James Hansen Retires

They are, in fact, quite beneficent, if we consider how many mosquitoes they consume, both as nymphs when they eat mosquito larvae and adults when they catch and eat them in flight. If we're going to call the Odonates by any nickname, "mosquito hawk" is the one we'd prefer to use. We are working to increase public understanding and awareness of dragonflies, their conservation and the challenges they face, in order to increase action for dragonflies across Britain.

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This site covers all dragonfly-related topics, from their origins million years ago to their species distributions across Britain today. View all sightings Submit a sighting. Sign up for our Newsletter Sign Up. Submit a Sighting Report. These sightings are not vetted and are not automatically treated as scientific records. Report a scientific record for addition to our long-term database of dragonfly occurrence, phenology.

These records are subject to verification by a local expert. Search for:. Working to conserve dragonflies and their wetland habitats Find out more. Join the British Dragonfly Society today for member benefits and to support our work. Latest Sightings.

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Share Flipboard Email. Dragonflies and damselflies lay their eggs in or near water. Vagrant Emperor. With the aid of that neuronal package, a dragonfly can track a moving target, calculate a trajectory to intercept that target and subtly adjust its path as needed. Human Behavior. Subscribe or Give a Gift. More Info.