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Verses Forty 40 days and nights is a long time to be hungry. Because Jesus was very hungry, he could have used his power for his own benefit. The hot, flat stones there in the desert looked like bread. He could have made those stones fit to eat. Jesus could have given people bread so that they would follow him.

But that would have been a mistake. Food satisfies a hungry body. But it does not help people to have a relationship with God. Jesus used words from the Bible Deuteronomy to answer the devil rather than his own words. That would astonish people. Then they would follow him. But Jesus knew that a sign like this had no use. He might attract people at first. But people soon forget about the things that had once astonished them. Jesus would not take foolish risks. He knew that this was wrong. He would not try to prove that God cared.

It would show that he did not trust God. Instead, Jesus used words from Deuteronomy Verses The devil took Jesus to a mountain, from where he had a wide view. He could think about all the countries in the world. He could compare them to where God rules. He could use force to become a political ruler. He would do that, as he loved them. He also suffered for them. He answered the devil with words from Deuteronomy He emphasised that people must give honour only to God. When Jesus heard about this, he returned to Galilee district. He went to live in the town called Capernaum.

This town was by Lake Galilee, in the Zebulun and Naphtali area. Heaven is near now. Heaven is where God rules. Verse 12 Matthew does not explain here why Herod put John in prison. Matthew tells the whole story in Matthew He did so because Herodias wanted it. Then Herod Antipas married her. John had said that Herod should not have married her. The details of what happened are in Matthew John had finished his work.

So Jesus could begin his own work now. Galilee was a very rich area for crops. An enormous number of people lived there. Josephus lived at that time and wrote history books. He said that there were villages. Each village had thousands of inhabitants. It was an area with many foreigners. There were foreign lands that surrounded Galilee too. Main roads for trade went through Galilee. The people in Galilee were more willing than the people in Judea to believe new ideas. The people in Judea did not meet many foreigners. So people in Judea were less ready to change their opinions.

Therefore, Galilee was an ideal area in which Jesus chose to work. Luke tells us about that Luke Jesus went there after he had already worked for a while in Capernaum. They caused the people in Galilee to suffer. It was like the sun as it rises after the dark night Isaiah Jesus came to Galilee. In the darkness, people cannot see the right way to go. To do wrong is like being in the dark. Jesus came to Galilee like a light. He was like the sun that rises at dawn. He would show people the right way to live. Verse 17 Jesus brought the same message that John had brought to the people.

Jesus spoke with authority. He saw two brothers there. There was Simon, who was also called Peter. And there was his brother, called Andrew. They were throwing a net into the water because they were working. Their work was to catch fish. Then he saw two other brothers. They were the sons of Zebedee. They were called James and John. They were in their boat with their father, Zebedee. They were getting their nets ready for use.

Then Jesus called to them. See John They had already talked to Jesus and they had probably listened to him several times. Now Jesus was telling them to leave their work and their families. They would not catch fish any more. He wanted ordinary people to follow him and to learn from him. He wanted them to help him in his work. Verse 19 People who catch fish have special qualities. Their work prepared them to bring men and women to God. They needed patience. When people fish, it is sometimes difficult to get quick results. It is like that when people talk to other people about God, too.

The person who fishes is like the person who talks to people about God. They both need to continue their efforts, even if there are difficulties. Men who fish every day need courage. They often sail their boats on dangerous seas. Some people will want to teach the truth. But they may meet other people who oppose them. And men and women do not always want to hear the truth.

The teachers will tell people that they need to change. And this may make people angry. We should follow Jesus when he calls. The four men had to leave their businesses and their families. Jesus became the most important person in their lives. And he explained the Good News to them. He also healed people who were suffering from every kind of illness and disease. So people brought everyone who was ill or in pain to him. They were suffering from every kind of illness and disease. Jesus healed them all. They came from all over Galilee district and from the Ten Towns district.

They also came from Jerusalem city and the rest of Judea district. And they came from the land across the Jordan river. Verses The news that Jesus could heal people spread quickly. And people with all kinds of illness came long distances to get his help, even from foreign countries. Many other people came just to listen to him. They wanted to see him heal people. And they wanted to hear what he was teaching. It suddenly causes people to shake a lot and fall down without control over themselves.

The Holy Bible: Gospel of Matthew

He explained how they should live. He probably gave his instructions on more than one occasion. In these chapters, Matthew has collected together the things that Jesus probably taught at different times. They should know what these things really mean.


Jesus wanted people to know the truth about God. They need to trust God and to serve him. Then they will know that God looks after them. So he went up a mountain and sat down there. They also mean that Jesus taught them more than once. And they heard his message at the same time. Latin is the language that people spoke in Rome.

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Blue Letter Bible study tools make reading, searching and studying the Bible easy and rewarding. We do not have to persuade God to answer us. Big hugs to you and Leif. It is like that when people talk to other people about God, too. They should know what these things really mean. Special Comparison. They had brought valuable gifts for him too.

The beatitudes are not talking about future happiness. People may hurt you. They may tell all kinds of evil lies about you because you follow me. I tell you that your reward in heaven will be very great. They need him to forgive them. They need him to help them. They depend on God for all that they need. Then they can live in the right way. They will be able to live as citizens where God rules.

Verse 4 People may be very sad because relatives or friends have died. They may be very sad about all the people who suffer in the world. All of them will find comfort because God loves them. He will forgive them. God will help them to change unfair situations. Verse 5 Some people are humble. They know that they need God to forgive them. They need God to teach them. Then they can obey him. They trust God rather than trust themselves. Verse 6 A man who is starving is desperate for food. A man might be dying because he has no water. He is desperate for a drink.

His greatest desire is to obey God completely. He is eager to do what God wants. And he wants to see other people obey God too. Then he will find joy because God satisfies him. Verse 7 A person who pities other people will forgive other people. He or she will forgive even when the other people do not deserve it. We expect God to forgive us. So we must forgive other people. God really loves everyone in the world. He pitied people, so he sent Jesus into the world John But he may have acted so that other people would praise him. Or perhaps he wanted to be proud of himself. This is impossible for us to imagine now.

He wants people to be without trouble with him and with each other. People who are at peace with God will be without trouble inside themselves. Then they can work and struggle to establish right relationships between other people and between nations. Then the authorities punished them. Family life is important. But sometimes the family suffers too when a Christian is loyal to Christ.

Verse 11 Jesus explained the last beatitude more. He warned them about how difficult it may be to remain loyal to him. After Jesus returned to heaven, people told many evil lies about the Christians. They accused Christians of terrible things. So people said that Christians had lives that were not moral. When Christians suffered, they were like those special servants long ago. They can be glad because they will be with him for ever. But suppose that salt loses its taste.

It can never become real salt again. It is no longer good for anything. People will throw out salt without taste and walk over it. Everyone can see a city that people have built on a hill. Instead, they put a lamp up in a high place. Then it can give light to everyone in the house. They should see the good things that you do. Then they will praise your Father who is in heaven. Verse 13 Salt gives flavour to food so that it tastes better. So, like salt, Christians should make the world a happier place.

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Salt is a good thing to add to food. Then the food does not go bad. Christians should make it easier for other people to be good. They should live as God wants them to live. If they live in a pure way, then they can be an example to other people. It could lose its pure flavour. Sometimes Christians may not show that they are happy.

Or other people may make them behave badly. They may become less pure and honest. Then they are like salt that has lost its proper flavour. Such salt is no longer any use. Verses Jesus said that he was the light of the world John It would be foolish to hide a lamp under a bowl. A lamp gives light to the people in a dark house. A light also shows the right way to go. So Christians should allow people to see their right actions. Christians should obey God because they believe him. People need to see that. They can warn other people who might make bad decisions. A city on a hill is easy to see.

They cannot hide the way that they live. But I have come to show that it is completely true. Some people think that some commands are less important. So they do not obey such less important commands. They might teach other people not to obey such commands either. But those people will be the least important where God rules. He would show by six examples in verses what he meant. It is like a very small mark.

It shows the difference between two letters. Even the very smallest detail is important and will not change. They appeared to be good. Instead, they worried about small things. Or even if they just wrote something on that day. He showed what it really meant to respect God and other people. Each of the examples that Jesus gave in these verses begins with the same words.

They would only refer to what other people had said in the past. He spoke with his own authority and said what the true meaning was. It is not surprising that his words astonished people. They will bring anyone who murders to the judge. Then the judge will decide what punishment to give to that person. Do not be angry with your brother. They will bring anyone who is angry with his brother to the judge. Angry people may say that their brother is worth nothing. Then you remember that your brother is angry with you. You have done something to hurt him. First go and become friendly with your brother again.

Become a friend with him quickly while you are still going to the court. If you do not settle the trouble, he will hand you over to the judge. Then the judge will hand you over to the police officer, and he will put you into prison.

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You will not get out of prison until you have paid the very last penny! Verses Murder is wrong Exodus However, a person might feel angry, and he might become more and more angry. Then he is guilty as well. He had little worth. The man denied that God exists. Such a person wants to go on living a bad life. Someone might accuse such a person because they were not behaving well. They burned fires there all the time. God will judge people by the way that they think. He will also judge them by the way that they speak. And he will judge them by the way that they behave.

God will judge anger. He says that evil insults are like murder. Verses A person should only offer something to God when they are friends with everyone else. A sincere relationship with God is only possible if people forgive each other. Verses Advice to settle trouble quickly is very practical. Otherwise, the situation gets worse. A quarrel between two people could become a quarrel between two families. The quarrel could last for many years and cause greater trouble.

Also, Jesus probably meant that we do not know the future. We do not know when life will end. So people should settle quarrels quickly. We all have to stand in front of God, as he is the judge. Do not even have wrong thoughts when you look at a woman. A man may look at a woman and want her. Then he is already guilty in his thoughts. Pull it out and throw it away. Your eye is only one part of your body. It is better if you lose that one eye. Do not cause them to throw your whole body into hell. Cut it off and throw it away. It is better if you lose that part of your body.

Do not let your whole body go into hell. Verses Everyone knows someone else who is already married. If they have sex with that person, they are both guilty. Jesus said that the thought is wrong as well. The thought can lead to a wrong act, and more wrong acts may follow. Then Herod and Herodias were guilty because they lived together. Verses Jesus did not mean that people should actually remove their eyes or hands.

He was using a picture. People want to do wrong things. Many things in the world cause people to do something wrong. Some books and pictures may excite wrong thoughts and desires. People might choose to go on looking at these things. It might be painful to remove these things from their lives. But that would be better than to destroy their whole life now and after death. He must write out divorce papers and give them to her. A man may divorce his wife only if she has not been loyal to him. Otherwise, he will cause her to be guilty if she marries again. And the man who marries her will be guilty too.

It was easy for a man to divorce his wife.

People often thought that sex outside marriage as normal. He taught that it meant to have sex outside marriage. That was the reason for divorce. A husband could find many reasons for divorcing his wife. She could have put too much salt in his dinner. Maybe she talked too much. But God had intended that marriage should last for life Genesis You must do what you promise God to do. Do not make promises like that at all. You cannot make even one hair turn black or white.

Anything more than this comes from the devil.

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Someone may require a person to tell the truth. Or the person may want to do something special. Then he will call on God to act as a witness to his promise. However, God will punish someone who does not keep such a promise. People must keep promises that they make in front of him. A person could make a promise in front of God, or they could appeal to a different witness.

If they did not appeal to God, it was not such a serious promise. But Jesus said that God hears all these promises. He is in heaven. Earth belongs to him and Jerusalem is his city. It will change to white, as he gets older. But he cannot change it just because he wants to. Verse He should not need to promise something in a special way.

He should say what he means honestly. People sometimes have to make serious promises in a court. This is necessary because there are evil things in human nature. Sometimes people think that it is difficult to tell the truth. Do not fight with a person who has done something bad to you. Suppose someone hits you on the right cheek. Turn your other cheek to him and let him hit that also.

Let him have your coat as well. Then go two miles with him. Another person might want you to lend him something. So lend it to him. Verses People usually want to hurt the people who hurt them. Before they made this law Deuteronomy , an injury to one person often led to fights between families. These fights could continue for years. Punishment should be equal to the injury. Perhaps a guilty person has hurt someone. Then he will need to pay them money. A judge decided how much money the guilty person should pay. Someone might insult them.

People might hit them on the cheek. But they must not reply in an evil way or hit back. The coat was large. A person wore it over the shirt and also used it as his blanket. Jesus said that a Christian should not fight for his legal rights. Christians ought to think in a responsible way. Often on top of a number in Scripture, I write the actual numeral. Interesting to see which numbers keep popping up—when and where.

I place question marks around confusing passages. Then I consider how I can respond in an active way that day. Feel free to riff on this or develop your own. Try it one day a week or every day. Thanks Matt! Download the Gospel of Matthew in a word document without verse references to begin the Color Method in your daily reading. Click here to download MARK without verse references. Click here to download LUKE without verse references. Click here to download JOHN without verse references. Hey Margaret! I was recently introduced to Bible Journaling and it has transformed the way I look and read at Scripture.

Thanks for sharing. Big hugs to you and Leif. I love the simplicity of this. I use a similar method in my personal study that I adapted from a number of places, including the Bible Quiz my girls participated in some years ago. I love the handwritten portion, Sandie.

I bet that adds a whole new element to studying the Scripture. Thanks for sharing! God Bless. My whole book club is doing this together. We are very excited!! Thank you for the great resources. Thank you so much for this approach! Looking forward to starting tomorrow. I think this method will bring out things we have never seen before. Thanks Margaret for your challenges. You get us purposefully into the Scriptures. How did you create your copy of the bible chapters, when I try to make my own it comes out looking like a normal typed paper.

Yours has wide margins on both sides, and less words on each line, and like an hour glass shape on the paragraphs. Hi Dennis! I just copied and pasted from BibleGateway. Hope that helps! This sounds right up my alley. I already do some inductive study and doodle so this will be a perfect combination of the two! I am going to give it a try. I have been using a color method for years. I learned the Kay Arthur method of Inductive Study. It was pretty intense, so I did a lighter version for myself. However, it is an awesome study tool and once mastered you can never simply see scripture without going a wee bit deeper even in regular reading time.

Several people have been asking me, mostly for a published book. I did start work on a pdf version but at present it is unfinished. I will give you what I presently have and as updates come they will arrive here on the internet:. Have you ever read one of the four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John wishing that you could somehow read all four of the Gospels together, at the same time? You read one story and you remember that there is more to the story but where is it?

Each of the four Gospels give only a part of the picture. So when we read any one of the four Gospels, by itself, we are missing much of the story. We can only get the whole picture when all four Gospels are read together. You can use your own Bible in trying to find the parallel stories in the four Gospels yourself. However this would be rather difficult and time consuming. Biblical scholars have provided a very good way to study these parallel stories in the different gospels. They have placed related text in a side-by-side format and its called A Harmony of the Gospel. Below is a small example of a Harmony.

For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Repent, and believe in the Good News. It is very interesting to view the parallel texts side-by-side, but it is not easy reading because it is often difficult to figure out how the texts can fit together. It can often take quite a bit of time to fit the text together that allow the original four Gospels to agree with each other.

What I wanted to do was to have all the four gospels put together in so simple a manner that it would be easy to read. If I did the work of putting the gospels together then the reader would not have to go through the difficult process themselves.

So now, the reader can simply read, knowing that he or she is reading a composite reading of the four gospels that has the combined information found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Yet at the same time, because of the features of this composite gospel These features are discussed below , the reader can know where each word comes from, in the real four gospels. So, if a question arises, the reader can stop and turn to their own personal Bible to determine for themselves how the four gospels relate to each other. I wanted to start with a version of the Bible which is well respected and easy to read.

However, I then found that copyright restrictions would prevent unrestricted free posting on the internet or other media. So copyright law would keep me from legally putting this work on the internet for free. The publisher would want royalties. One of the main purposes in producing this Composite Bible is that it would be a free resource to all who have access to the internet.

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Also, I would not just have the text of the Bible on my web site, I would be combining the four Gospel's together into one text, so I would be bringing things together in a way that actually changes the text of the Bible itself. This is not wanted by the publishers who own the copyright.

They don't even want the punctuation to be changed. So, I want an easy-to-read version, but virtually all the new easy reading versions are copyrighted. Then I found out that the Rainbow Missions, Inc. It is not copyrighted! When combining text together, it is sometimes helpful to have an alternate way of expressing the thought. This is especially important when there is a combining of text from different sources such as The four Gospels. I chose to use a Harmony of the Gospels by A.

Robertson to help me understand more fully how the four Gospels relate to each other in a side-by-side format. However, in the process of using Robertson's harmony, I started to realize that I differed from Robertson, occasionally, on how the original Gospels fit with each other. So this Composite Gospel does not follow Robertson's harmony on every point.

In a Harmony of the Gospels, we obviously can have up to all four books side-by-side. However, in a Composite Gospel, only a single text is used. Often, one of the four Gospels is used as the main text, with bits and pieces of the other three Gospels being inserted where they say more than the main text.

If one of the original gospels gives more information than the other three; then, the one having more information is chosen as the main text.